Investment criteria

Entrepreneurial and highly motivated management team
Focus on Europe
Active in the energy and/or mobility domain
Exit opportunities in the mid term
Acquire a relevant minority shareholding
Entry ticket 1-4 million EUR
Minimum annual revenue level 0,5 million EUR

Ponooc's Principles

We are in this together

Henry Ford famously said “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” Our principle –  ‘we are in this together’ – signifies our belief in developing relationships, understanding personal strengths and building mutual trust.  We collaborate with our colleagues, ventures and (limited) partners – truly valuing their ideas. Growing ventures requires team effort, in good and bad, fun and bitter times.

We strive for fairness and talk straight

The principle of fairness is not just an outcome, but an integral part of our decision-making process. Fair decisions are created in an honest environment and are the result of straight talk with the right intentions.  Not every decision will be appreciated, and fairness is subjective. Nonetheless, we work with our best intentions and strive for integrity, we welcome the chance to explain the rationale behind every decision we make.

We enjoy our freedom with respect

We believe that the best ideas and solutions are created in a free environment. We take ownership over our work, with responsibility for our actions as well as their consequences. We will be honest about bad news and celebrate good news. We take pride in the freedom we give to our ventures and expect them to treat this freedom with respect.

We challenge our opinions

We test to falsify our hypotheses. We believe that taking risks and making mistakes are an essential part of the learning process. We operate with humility and see this as a strength, not a weakness. We must be open to new ideas, willing to change our minds and adjust our trajectory. We not only challenge ourselves, but welcome others to challenge us. Being open to feedback and criticism will improve the future decisions we make.

We are dedicated and follow through

Without dedication, all other principles are worthless. We will endeavor to stand by these principles, demonstrating commitment and tenacity. We apply the same energy and determination to all tasks we set our minds to. We operate in symbiosis with our ventures and are dedicated to the job at hand. We do not give up easily and will do what is necessary to achieve our goals.