Vandebron | Farmer John’s energy

A sustainable world starts with people being aware of their own consumption and with the energy of Vandebron that’s exactly the case. Despite being premium priced, approximately 100.000 clients in the Netherlands consume their energy from a source and farmer they have selected carefully themselves.

De Windcentrale | A wind turbine for every household

A total of 3 windmills have so far been funded and are scheduled to be up and running by 2019. Ownerhship of a part of one of these turbines gives consumers green and reliable energy at a fixed price and delivers a return on investment after a period of 10 years.

Pon Energie | 2,8MWp solar roof

The roof will supply 2.500.000 kWh, which is approximately 50% of all the electricity that is consumed at the Pon Automotive Campus Leusden. GroenLeven, a Dutch EPC contractor, installed the PV-panels.

HWT | Innovative drilling technology for geothermal applications

Huisman Well Technology (HWT) develops solutions that increase drilling efficiency by simplifying the (geothermal) process. The mission of HWT is to provide highly effective and low risk drilling systems. They do this by taking the complete well construction process into consideration. Solutions entail both downhole and surface equipment and are designed according to the standards of the global drilling industry. HWT first successful application is the Venlo II geothermal project.

Lagerwey | Worlds’ most innovative windturbine manufacturer

After the introduction of the first direct drive turbine in 1995, Lagerwey launched the latest range of direct drive turbines in 2007. In 2016, Lagerwey launched their latest addition: a 136 rotor-diameter 4-5, 0MW turbine that will use a ‘climbing crane’ which climbs along the erecting tower.

EST-Floattech | Intelligent Energy Storage Solutions

EST-Floattech is a Dutch energy technology company that develops and supplies energy storage solutions for maritime and land-based applications. Via the Pon network, Ponooc supports EST-Floattech with their goal to create a cleaner maritime industry.

Well Engineering Partners | A geothermal innovators hub

WEP’s serious expertise and experience in building innovative and unconventional wells, allows them to translate commonly seen drilling challenges into off-the-shelve solutions. Examples of these solutions are Rider and HWT, each focusing on a very specific challenge that a drilling engineer faces everyday.

ServiceHouse | A white label utility

Current labels are for example “Ponenergie”, “Sport-energy” or “Church-energy”. ServiceHouse is AFM licensed. This allows the company to finance and install energy reducing and/or energy generating solutions at people’s homes.