Tvilight introduces a state-of-the-art asset management suite

TVILIGHT, a market leader in smart city lighting solutions, today announced the addition of a new comprehensive asset management suite to its CityManager platform, aiming to help cities optimize management and maintenance of public assets such as streetlights, and streamline asset-related operational activities.

Public lighting infrastructure is one of the most valuable assets in a city, vital to ensuring citizen safety and a good quality of life. However, as public lighting grows in complexity, it becomes increasingly challenging to monitor, operate, and maintain this asset. To ensure that streetlights remain a functional, state-of-the-art infrastructure, cities need a more holistic, strategic approach to maintenance.

“We are proud to introduce the CityManager asset management software suite to help local authorities, asset managers, and public lighting operators manage streetlights and other infrastructure assets more efficiently. The suite is supported by Yotta, a company with decades of experience in developing asset management solutions and a unique expertise in this field. What they offer is a comprehensive solution with amazing user-friendliness. We are excited to partner with Yotta to bring all these benefits to our customers,” explains Chintan Shah, CEO of Tvilight.

Engaging map-based interface to visualize assets

CityManager helps convert a traditional Excel-type database into a powerful visual dashboard, where all important lighting asset elements (e.g. cable networks, luminaires, drivers, etc.) are tracked and presented in an interactive way that helps infrastructure operators quickly gain insight into their asset base and related processes.

Streamlined operational and maintenance activities

All asset-related operational processes become simple, transparent and efficient. Starting with the logging of faults, the software tracks and oversees the repairs, and documents the maintenance work in a near real-time. The software optimizes inspections and budget planning and, thanks to integrated workflows, allows different departments and organizations to work together more efficiently.

Single platform for all public assets

While excellent for operating both conventional and new connected streetlights, CityManager offers optional modules that allow managing other public assets, such as highways, roadways, street works, waste management, and green spaces. Thanks to open standards and open APIs, all information is accessible to third-party smart city dashboards.

Enterprise strength, user-specific

Designed as an enterprise solution, Tvilight’s new asset management software allows connecting an unlimited number of systems, devices, and data sources. The cloud-based model facilitates a simpler data access and makes support and upgrade processes easier.

CityManager asset management suite is powered by Alloy. Yotta’s next-generation asset management solution is a proven platform designed specifically for maintaining infrastructure. Yotta’s software is used worldwide by local authorities and councils, including the Dutch road authorities, and by organizations such as Highways England. The street lighting management module is successfully used to maintain over a million streetlights in over 75 cities worldwide. “We’re very excited to be working in partnership with Tvilight, to bring Alloy’s new era technology to organizations across the globe. Tvilight’s focus on customer experience excellence matches our own and this partnership is a perfect platform to demonstrate the power of the future of asset management,” adds Nick Smee, Yotta CEO.