New milestone achieved: Swapfiets has 100,000 customers

Swapfiets has had a good year. At he end of 2017 they had 20,000 bicycle subscriptions and at the end of 2018 this was five times as many with 100,000. The company from Delft wants to grow even more and serve the business market.

Since 2014, when the company was founded by three friends, Swapfiets has grown by at least 500% each year, as stated in the press release. Swapfiets is active in dozens of cities and now also in Germany, Belgium and Denmark. Those who do not have their own bicycle can rent one at Swapfiets from 15.00 euros per month. If the bicycle, to be recognised by the blue front tire, breaks, it will be picked up and repaired.

Swapfiets achieved their ambitions for 2018 by growing to 100.000 subscriptions. Especially now that competitors like VanMoof are making their move with their own bicycle subscription offering, Swapfiets wants to grow faster.