Swapfiets is Marketing Start Up of the Year 2018

AMSTERDAM – During the presentation of the Dutch Marketing Awards, Swapfiets was declared the winner in the Marketing Start Up of the Year 2018 category. The finalists were the The Avocado show and the Koupe ice cream parlor. On 29 March, NIMA, Adfo Group and PIM Online presented the Dutch Marketing Awards at KIT in Amsterdam. The Dutch Marketing Awards are considered by marketing professionals as the most important marketing professional awards in the Netherlands because they relate to the entire marketing strategy of organizations. Winners in the other categories were Yoghurt Barns (Marketing Scale Up of the Year), Rituals (Marketing Company of the Year), WE Fashion (Internal Branding Company of the Year), Martine Boekestein from RijkZwaan (Marketing Talent of the Year) and ING The Netherlands CEO Vincent van den Boogert (Marketer of the Year).

Customizable Propositions

Jury chairman Van Eck about the selected organizations: “Real marketing is about embedding a sharp conviction in your brand. You can translate these into customer-oriented propositions, which you then put into the market with a strategic approach, possibly with creative communication. The times of a thin layer of chrome are finally behind us. That is what the finalists of the Dutch Marketing Awards show. ”

Daring and flexibility

According to the organization of the Dutch Marketing Award, the finalists in the Marketing Startup of the Year 2018 category inspire a distinctive introduction to the Dutch market with demonstrably good (initial) results. Clear success characteristics of this category are: creativity in strategy, unique customer value, growing market share, ‘high ideals’, shared value creation and innovation in market segment or product category. As winner of 2018, ‘bicycles as a service’ company Swapfiets was proclaimed. “Set up a concept quickly with a smart approach, then make sure that the product, proposition and process are fine-tuned. That testifies to guts, entrepreneurship and flexibility. Uniquely recognizable by the blue band as an icon for this brand. Everything has been thought through. An absolute winner, “according to the jury report.

Union with blue tyres

The origin of Swap bikes goes back to a thesis assignment, but in the meantime has grown into a serious company with a couple of thousand bikes for which you can take out a subscription, in several large cities. With a Swap bike it’s about unburdening, through the certainty that you always have a bike at your disposal. When one of the characteristic blue bicycle tyres is leaking, or the lighting is defective, it will be repaired within a day, the aim is for 12 hours, or you will get a replacement bike. The subscription costs are 15 euros per month and students receive a 3 euro discount. Swapfiets’ bicycle supplier is Union.

Source (Dutch): https://nieuwsfiets.nu/2018/04/02/swapfiets-is-marketing-start-up-of-the-year-2018/