Rabobank stimulates switching to sustainable energy through Vandebron

As of today Rabobank has began cooperating with Vandebron. Whoever’s a customer of Rabobank can switch to the sustainable power supplier without having to pay any extra costs. The potential price surplus compared to the previous power supplier will be paif dor by Rabobank and Vandebron together.

Who are Vandebron?

Vandebron functions as an intermediary: the startup couples clients to locally sourced energy from windturbines, solar panels or biofuels. All power supplied by Vandebron is produced in the Netherlands. Rabobank supports this initiative by paying for any cost surpluses incurred by switching energy supplier together with Vandebron.

Sustainability at Rabobank

Rabobank already has a collaboration with GreenHome: a platform that gives advice to clients about how they can make their household more sustainable. The initiative with Vandebron has been added to their offering.