Lansingerland Doublet delivery

Huisman LOC-400 “Heracles” rig was rigged up over LSL-GT-01 in August and this production well was completed in October. Well was successfully drilled and completed; In particular, the intermediate section was challenging, high inclination (>50 degrees) drilled with WBM and PDM BHA. The client was satisfied with the flowrates and temperatures experienced during the production test (360 m3/hr / 60 degrees Celsius). The second well LSL-GT-02 was successfully drilled and completed with even a higher well inclination (>60 degrees). Well testing results were also satisfying the client.

For this project, Well Engineering Partners was responsible for the well design and supervision during the execution of the project. The “Huisman-Züblin” joint venture was responsible for the tendering, logistics, provision and coordination of materials & services (contractors) and the execution of the project.