Ponooc joins ZeroLight in new investment round

Ponooc has joined i.a. Prime Ventures in a new investment round of ZeroLight. Zerolight has built the world’s most advanced car visualization platform that will enable the digital dealership of the future. Already used by various automotive OEMs and for major car launches like the Audi e-tron, this round of funding will allow ZeroLight to expand their product offering and commercial footprint worldwide. 

Digital twin
To be able to simulate a car from any angle and in any environment, ZeroLight first uses the car model’s CAD drawings to create a ‘digital twin’. This digital twin forms the fundament for creating visualizations in 2D, 3D, Augmented Reality (AR), and Virtual Reality (VR). As all of ZeroLight’s software is cloud-based, it can be streamed everywhere, in real-time, to any endpoint (e.g. laptop, mobile phone, tablet) only requiring a stable internet connection. 

Recently, ZeroLight found that the images their simulation engine could produce had become so realistic, that it could also be used to create marketing materials at a quality level close to real photography.  To enable automotive companies worldwide to make use of this opportunity, Zerolight is developing Spotlight. Spotlight is a marketing material software platform that will democratize content creation to virtually any marketing employee in a large automotive enterprise. The current funding round will allow ZeroLight to deepen Spotlight’s capabilities and expand its integrations with social media platforms such as Facebook.